4 Going Green and TWO WINNERS!!

Thanks to all who entered my IKEA giveaway and gave me TONS of ideas of how to "Go Green!"

 I'm taking baby steps, changing one thing at a time.
I use my microwave for de-frosting, melting butter, and reheating. 
So nice to have this lid handy~

Here are what my readers are doing:

Using reusable grocery bags.  I have them, I just need to remember to use them!
Recylcling: plastic, metal, paper. 
Going natural; using NO chemicals.
Be smart about what you put in your body.
Composting:  raking leaves
Using energy bulbs.  I have them, but they seem to go out pretty quickly. Suggestions?
Reusable water bottle.  Love this one!
Washcloths in a basket to use as a bathroom hand towel.  Once used, it's put in another basket.  Genius!
Lunch is packed in a stainless steel container instead of plastic bags.
Download books to read.  I would love to get a Kindle.  Or iPad.  Or a Nook.
Use paper towels less and dishtowels more often.
Use clothesline in the summer.  My mom still does this and has a line in her basement to use in the winter. 

The winners?

Jess, who said, "I sooooo wish we had an Ikea nearby. I see so many neat things posted on other blogs, and they always seem to come from Ikea!"

She goes green by, "raking our fall leaves right into our compost pile... lots of leaves round here ;-)"

Image and video hosting by TinyPicand Megs, who said, "HELLO!! Love these."

She goes green by using Tupperware in lunches and re-using plastic baggies by washing them.

Congratulations!  I will be contacting you via email.  When we go "Green," we are all winners!

Stay tuned for another giveaway, coming tomorrow!
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