1 Lemon Water

This is not your typical lemonade.  I call it "Lemon Water" although it is slightly sweet.  Other bloggers have called it "Citrus Water Punch."  Whatever it is called, it is GOOD

This is a light, refreshing, drink that is slightly sweet with lemony notes, and with just a mild tang.  It is so easy to whip up in this clear beverage dispenser, usually found at Costco or Sam's Club.

The lemon slices were quickly and easily sliced on my OXO mandoline, which not only adds a pretty touch, but some additional lemon flavor.

All you need is this recipe, Pure Lemon extract, citric acid, sugar (or Splenda) and water.

If you have any of this yummy lemon water left over, be sure to remove the lemon slices before storing in the refrigerator, as it will turn the drink bitter.

I've made this with pure orange extract with great results ~

Enjoy some last moments of summer with this refreshing drink!

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