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Requirements for an item to be a "Cool Kitchen Tool" are:

~ Must be comfortable to use
~ Easy to store
~ Easy to clean
~ Does it serve more than one purpose?
~ Good quality for the price; durable
~ Use often
Lurch Silicone Pastry Brush

Why I love it:  Bristles are short and sturdy enough to handle shortening, yet will hold melted butter.  Silicone brush, so no more burnt bristles!  Easy to clean; just throw it in the dishwasher.  I use it to grease baking pans, sheets, brush melted butter on top of breads, and for glazing meats.

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Where you can get itSandy Bosch Kitchen Store $3.99

Plastic Bowl Scraper
Why I love it:  Measuring 5.75"x 3.75", this flexible, yet sturdy piece of plastic is a baker's best friend.  I use it to scoop out breads and cookie doughs from the bowl.  I also use the straight edge to lift up bread dough from the counter and for scooping up chopped veggies from the cutting board.  Cleans up in the dishwasher.

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Where you can get itSandy Bosch Kitchen Store  $.99

Pyrex Accents 2 and 4 Cup Measuring Cup

Why I love it:  The non-slip rubber grip on bottom and the easy to read from the top measure lines.  No more bending down to read the measurements.  I don't have the lid, but it is NOT a lockable lid.  It is meant to strain or prevent spatters in the microwave.  I have the 2 cup and 4 cup sizes, but just found an 8 cup size that would be great for pancake batter, soups, etc.  Cleans up in the dishwasher.

Post linksHomestyle Tortillas and many other posts!

Where you can get itAmazon  
                                     Fresh Market, Smiths Grocery stores 

Pyrex Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Why I love it:  It reads the internal temperature quickly and is easy to use.  Just stick it in the thickest part of the meat and in seconds, you will know if your meat is rare, medium or well done.  I've used this thermometer in making cheese, heating milk/water for bread dough, or checking the internal temperature of baked bread for doneness.   It is not suitable for candy making, deep frying or for use inside the oven. 

Where you can get it:  This model has been discontinued.

I now have a Thermapen and the Lavatools Digital.  You can see my post on the Thermapen and their products. I will have one available soon for the Lavatools Digital. 

Lavatools on Amazon

Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender

Why I love it: No more transferring hot sauces to a blender.  Stick this blender right into the pot and blend away.  200 watts of power and super easy to clean.  Just push a button on the back, and the blade attachment comes off for easy cleaning in the dishwasher!  I have found many, many uses for this "Smart" stick!

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Where you can get it

Amazon  Bed, Bath, & Beyond 

Oxo Good Grips Mandoline Slicer

Why I love it:  This quickly and easily slices veggies, even tomatoes!  I like how you can slice onions very thinly (1.5mm) and quickly ... no more tears!  I love how easy it is to take apart, wash and that it stores flat.

Post links:  Intro to the Oxo Mandoline SlicerSlicing Lemons for Lemon WaterTomatoes for Deli Sandwiches, Matchstick Carrots for Asian Chicken Salad

Where you can get itTarget, Bed Bath & Beyond, Willams Sonoma, Amazon


Oxo Good Grips Salad Spinner

Why I love it:  Easy to use and easy to clean.  The push button works smoothly and rinses the veggies dry.  Has a brake button to stop spinning and the bowl has a rubber base to grip the counter while spinning veggies dry.  Newest improvement is that the lid comes apart for cleaning.

Post Links:  Rinsing Cut Lettuce, Deli Sandwiches for a Crowd, Fresh Buttermilk Dressing, Cilantro Lime Rice, Foccacia, Yogurt 

Where you can get it:, Best Buy, Macy's, JC Penny, Bed Bath & Beyond,

Silpat Baking Mat

Why I love it:  I use three of these baking mats weekly for rolls, cookies and shaped breads.  Whatever I bake with the Silpats brown nicely and doesn't stick to the mat.  The mats clean easily and store flat inside my 11x17 baking sheets.

Post linksSilpat Baking Mat Review, French Bread Hamburger Buns, Peanut Butter Cup Popcorn, Soft Caramel Crunch Pretzels, Heart Healthy Cookies, Sugar Cookie Bouquet.... and many more!

Where you can get itAmazon has the best price.  Look for a buy 3, get one free special that comes around every so often.


OXO Dish Brush Set

Why I love it: I use it every day - it cleans with just a push of a button all the dishes that don't fit in my dishwasher or items that need to be washed by hand. Great for cleaning pots, pans, or the Kitchen Aid bowl in between mixing sugar cookie dough and frosting.

Post link: OXO Brush Dish Set review

Where you can get it: Amazon, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond


Silicone Baking Cups 

Why I love it: Inexpensive, easy to use & dishwasher clean. No spray needed. Reusable.

Post LinkReview Post HERE


Presto Belgian Waffle Maker

Why I love it: Compact, easy to use and makes crispy waffles consistently


EuroCuisine Yogurt Strainer

Why I love it: Compact, easy to strain and clean. Holds 8 cups (half gallon) of yogurt.


Digital Kitchen Thermometer
Why I love it: Budget friendly, compact, fast & accurate, water resistant and has a handy dandy magnet.🙂

Kitchen Measuring Spoons

Which ones are my favorite? Compact, easy to clean, easy to read & find.

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