9 Herbed Roasted Turkey Breast: Step by Step

Last year, I did a post on Ina Garten's Herbed Roasted Turkey Breast.  Her recipe is SO good, I've made it several times.  Each time, I get the "oohs" and "mmmms" from the guests which tell me it is a definite winner!

This is such an easy, simple recipe.  You will not be disappointed!

The recipe starts with cloves of garlic.

I keep these double bagged in my freezer.

The frozen garlic is so easy to peel and I absolutely love my garlic press.

I like a finely minced garlic and this lovely tool does the job for me.

Add dry mustard.

I bought dry mustard ONLY for this recipe.

I'm sure I'll find other uses ~

The recipe calls for fresh rosemary leaves.

If you don't have any, don't worry.

Just find some dried rosemary and use half.

The recipe calls for chopped fresh sage leaves.

Sage is going to be my next plant in my herb garden next year.

Use half of what the recipe calls for when using the powdered stuff ~


I have fresh thyme that is in the freezer.

I didn't have time to get it out...

Next time....

Ina uses Kosher salt in her recipe.

I'm not sure what that is...

I'm from Utah, and I like the Real Sea salt...

this has a sweeter, less bitter taste than table salt.

Fresh ground pepper.

Finally, a fresh ingredient...

Good olive oil.

Extra virgin is what I used.

I'm sure you can use whatever oil you want to use.

Olive oil has a flavor all its own.

Fresh squeezed lemon juice....

Not really...it was the bottled stuff.

Next time, I will invest in real lemons ~

Stir it all together.

Take a deep whiff.....  You will love the aroma!

Here is my 8 pound turkey breast.

Plenty of white meat to go around!


I have this aversion to handling raw meat.

And meat with bones.

Wash, pat it dry, and put it in a roasting pan.

Ina likes to stick her hands under the skin to put the seasonings in. 

I have found that a small dinner spoon to do just the trick.

You want to separate the skin from the ... uh ... meat.

Leave the skin intact near the bottom of the turkey...

you don't want the seasonings to drip out~

After you have separated the skin, spoon half of the seasoning mixture between the two sides of the breast.

It's worth it, it's worth it, I keep telling myself...

Let me introduce you to another favorite tool of mine.

The silicone pastry brush.

He gets to spread the other half of the seasoning on the outside of the turkey.

I love you, Mr. Silicone brush...

If you have an oven probe, use it~  it takes all the guesswork out of cooking the turkey.

Every turkey breast has a different weight and you do NOT want to overcook it.

If you don't have a probe, invest in an instant read thermometer.  You can get one for around $14.  Worth every penny!

Here's the last ingredient.

Dry white wine.

A local store near me has Fre, which is an alcohol free wine.

It's all about flavor.

And not drying out the poor thing...

You can always use chicken broth.

 Pop that turkey in the oven at 325 degrees and set your probe temp to 165, if you have one.

At 2 hours, the turkey was beginning to brown, so I put aluminum foil over it.

At 2 1/2 hours, it was done!

The turkey package said 3 1/2 hours...go figure. 

 After taking it out of the oven, put a large piece of foil over it and let it sit for at least 20 minutes to allow all the juices to redistribute throughout.

My guests arrived 45 minutes later, and the turkey was still hot.

Slice just before serving and enjoy the best piece of turkey you have ever had!
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