0 Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker Review

After hunting and trying a few waffle makers, this is the one! It makes perfect, round, crispy, thick waffles and clean up is so easy.

We have a family tradition of making waffles every Sunday. I got this WaringPro waffle maker over 20 years ago at Costco for about $60. It was just like the ones you see at hotels, and it did a wonderful job of making consistent waffles until I tried to rotate it and it broke...

Frantically, I searched for a replacement, and was so sad to see that it was discontinued!!

Waring does make a commercial waffle maker that costs $300-$400, and I wasn't about to plunk down that much for waffles...

Costco did offer this Cuisinart vertical waffle maker, which I was excited about. A space saver and a three year warranty!

But, no matter how I tried, I could not get a perfect waffle. My waffle batter was simply too thick. It would plug up the top and it was a messy clean up job. I even tried thinning out my batter, but the waffles just didn't taste the same.
The Cuisinart promptly went back to Costco (thankful for their GREAT return policy!) and I went back to Amazon, searching for the perfect waffle maker and filtering by average customer review.

For under $30, you can get this traditional Cuisinart waffle maker.
Compact, easy to use, but....it does not make the thick Belgian waffles that have deep pockets to hold butter & syrup that my family loves.

For under $40, customer reviews suggested I look at the Presto FlipSide waffle maker.
Compact, Belgian style, and a ceramic non stick interior checked all the boxes. With free one day shipping, this baby was at my door the next day!

Woo hoo! Perfect, crispy, golden brown waffles!  Look how thick they are...

I love how it stands on its end for compact storage. Takes much less real estate than my older waffle maker.

Compact storage
Non stick interior
Easy clean - wipe interior with damp paper towel
Even browning for uniform, crispy waffles
Cooker flips for spreading the batter evenly for a crispy outside, tender fluffy inside

Manual Timer. You have to manually set the timer each time. I used the 4 minute setting. It beeps when it has one minute left, counts down the seconds, and beeps when time is complete.
It's not a deal breaker, but it does take some getting used to setting the timer for waffles each time. 
Grills are not removable, but that doesn't bother me, as it is so easy to take a wet paper towel and wipe the grids clean. 

Enjoy these recipes with your waffle maker:


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