Meet The Bread Baker


My name is Frieda and I love to eat bread.  

There.  I said it.  Out loud.

Here I am, admitting my undying devotion for all things carbohydrate.

I looooooove bread and I decided to make it, so I can have it any time I want.   After years of watching my mom doing it, I thought, "Psshah...that's easy!"  I learned very quickly that it is not as easy as it looks.  Come closer, and I'll tell you why.  There are unseen forces conspiring against you.   It could be aliens, the weather conditions or Yeastphobia, the fear of killing your yeast. Yes, there is such a thing!

To learn how to make bread, I went back to my mom, the bread making expert.  "It's in the feel of the dough," she told me.  "You have to get to know it, make friends with it, and build a relationship."


Me and my bread dough go way back.  I started with Dinner Rolls and soon I became the designated roll maker every Thanksgiving.  I started a brief affair with Wheat Bread.  We broke up when my beloved Kitchen Aid caught on fire and my loaf turned into an adobe brick, smashing into a bazillion pieces when I threw it on the floor.  I rebounded to White Bread, vowing never again to handle Wheat Bread dough again.  My sweet mother suggested giving Half White, Half Wheat Bread a chance.  We started out as friends and our relationship has bloomed to a whole 'nother level.  

I decided to teach bread making classes.   People bring in their mixers and bread pans.  I bring the ingredients and know-how.  We laugh.  We bond.  In two short hours, we all walk away with baby bread dough in their pans, ready to be baked in our homes.  I received many calls from grateful husbands saying, "Thanks for teaching my wife to make bread.  It was SO good!
Since I can't be in your kitchen guiding you every step of the way,  it's my goal to show you how to make bread and other yummy comfort foods, step by step, and learn some tips along the way.  A tip?  Practice, practice, practice.  Never give up.  Surrender to the intoxicating aroma of a freshly baked loaf of bread, crusty roll, or a savory breadstick.  I enjoy every step of the way, and I hope you do, too.

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