0 Chocolate Chip Cookie Dunkin' Gang!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

My husband has a soft spot....for kids...and cookies.

He recently had an opportunity to build a wheelchair ramp for a neighbor that was struck suddenly with a paralyzing stroke. While he was building the ramp, he built a relationship with their adopted grandkids, who live with them.

The youngest boy absolutely fell in love with him and became his constant shadow. He wanted to talk like him, look like him, and build things like him.

Then he found out that they might be moving.

What's your favorite cookie? he asked the kids.

He invited them over to make chocolate chip cookies, not just eat them.

He read the recipe and got all the ingredients.

(look for the recipe links at end of this post)

Notice the oldest is testing out the cookie scoop
while the youngest is playing with a helicopter...

He made SURE he kid got a turn in putting in the ingredients and turning on the machine...

I didn't get a picture of them scooping out the cookie dough...I was helping!

While the cookies were baking, he played games with each one of them.

One of the girls found JENGA and they all wanted to play...

The cookies were done by this time, but they still wanted to keep playing!

Which was good, because I cool the cookies on the sheets.

I love these cookies. They are tender, soft and moist....

The youngest discovered the bowling set, which has balls inside the pins, making a loud 'bowling ball' sound when knocked down. It's pretty loud....and pretty fun to play!

The other girl found our calendar of magnetic Tangrams...she is responding to my husband's challenge to make a square from all the shapes.

Here they all are...enjoying DUNKING their cookies. Every single one of them!

I couldn't bear to watch. The dunking part.

I got my own cookie.

And ate it all...with a glass of milk afterwards!

Chocolate Chip Cookies
(4x6 printable recipe)    (full page recipe)

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