8 Cost of Bread: Dinner Rolls

I have been teaching bread classes in my neighborhood a couple of times per month for the past little while.

I decided to teach a roll making class today to prepare for Thanksgiving and it was SO much fun!  I really enjoy the hands-on teaching approach.  Each gal brings their mixer, spatula, rolling pin and baking pans to the class. I provide the ingredients in a "kit" which helps the class run smoothly. At the end of the class, the students take their rolls home and bake them.

Because I provide the kits, all I ask in return is a donation to cover the cost of ingredients.  Previously, I posted the cost analysis for making Homemade Bread (grinding own wheat) and Homemade Bread (using storebought wheat).  I thought it would be interesting to see how much my Dinner Roll recipe ingredients would cost.  I know that 36 rolls at Costco are around $4 and Lion House is selling their rolls for $5 per dozen. 

Are you ready?


For 2 dozen, homemade, light, buttery dinner rolls...


Yep, one dollar and twelve cents.

Now, I bought everything in bulk and went to Sam's Club.  Yes, this includes butter and eggs, which I thought would increase the price.  Yes, this included tax.

What it did NOT include was the energy of the oven, the time to make the rolls, the extra butter, plastic wrap and parchment paper.

Do you have 90 minutes to spare? (there are 60 min. roll recipes out there, but they usually have more yeast)

Do you have $1. 12?

Wanna have HOT, delicious, buttery rolls for Thanksgiving? 

Then jump on over to the Dinner Roll recipe and give it a try!
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