5 Homemade Kettle Corn! Stove Top & Instant Pot

My mom collects recipes.  She has a stash of cut out newspaper recipes in a cupboard somewhere.  I know I inherited that gene.  I've got a shoebox of torn out recipes from newspapers and magazines.  Only now, my obsession has gone digital....

I have a folder on my desktop labeled "Blog Recipes."  It started out with my recipes and has since exploded to included other blogger's recipes that I am dying to try.  I have just barely begun to try these recipes, unlike the ones that are collecting dust in my shoebox.

Now I have 2 versions for you: Stove Top and Instant Pot pressure cooker.

Here is the stove top:

Here is the Instant Pot version:

This Kettle Corn Recipe comes from Joy the Baker.   When I saw this recipe, I was suddenly taken back to the early 90's when microwave kettle corn was all the rage.

It is such a simple recipe... so easy to make!

I cut the recipe in half to accommodate my 3 quart saucepan.

Heat your vegetable oil in a heavy bottomed sauce pan over medium heat.  Make sure this is a pan that you can cover and easily lift and shake in the air.

Put 3 kernels in your pan.

Wait for your 3 popcorn kernels to pop...

Quickly sprinkle the rest of your kernels into the pan...

I like them in an even layer...

Then sprinkle your sugar on top.

Quickly put a lid on your pot ( I love the clear glass lids!)
and use 2 hot pads.

Once the corn starts popping, grab the pot (lid and all) and shake the pot above the flame or stovetop for a few seconds.  Return to the heat for a few seconds and repeat this process several times...

until the popcorn stops popping.

Transfer the popcorn to a large bowl and salt to taste.

You will want to stir it with a spoon because it is HOT from the sugar...

Put in a movie, grab your loved one and have some nostalgic, sweet, slightly salty kettle corn.

Thanks, Joy!

Print Friendly and PDF Homemade Kettle Corn  
¼ c. popcorn
2 T. vegetable, canola, or rapeseed oil
1 ½ T. sugar

Salt to taste.


Heat oil in a 3 quart heavy bottom saucepan with a lid over medium heat.  Have 2 hot pads on hand.
Once oil is hot, place 3 kernels in pan.  After 3 kernels have popped, sprinkle rest of corn kernels in pan.
Sprinkle sugar on top and cover with lid.

Once popcorn starts popping, grab pot with hot pads, securing lid, and shake for a few seconds over the heat. 
Return to heat and wait a few seconds. Lift pot and shake. Return to heat and repeat process till all the corn is popped.

Transfer to a large bowl and salt to taste.  Stir with a spoon, as sugar is hot.  Cool and serve.

Instant Pot Directions
Push Saute, then Adjust to the MORE setting.

Add your oil.
Wait till it says HOT.
Add 3 kernels. 
*If the three kernels don't pop, remove with tongs and try 3 more kernels. The pot will switch from hot/on/hot to continue regulating the temperature. 
When all three kernels pop, add the rest of the kernels, then sprinkle with sugar.
Using hot pads, pick up the lid & pot liner and swirl the pot.
Repeat the lifting/swirling method every 2 minutes or so.
When popping begins to slow down, remove the pot liner of popcorn from the IP.
Salt to taste.
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