18 Puffy Heart Dinner Rolls

It's February!  The month of love!  Make these puffy heart rolls for the one you love...it is SO easy!
I used my versatile Dinner Roll dough, but you can use any favorite bread dough of your choice.
After the dough has risen and it is ready for shaping, I divided the dough into 2 oz. portions.
To roll each portion into a ball, this is the EASIEST method.

Lay the side of your hand flat on the counter, near the blob of dough.

Cup your hand in a "C" shape around the dough. 

Do not squeeze or touch the dough...

Keep your hand in the "C" shape.

Move your hand in a circular motion*, keeping contact with the counter.  You do not need to press on the dough.  It will roll around in the "C" shape form you have created.

*Left handers: rotate clock-wise.  Right handers: counter clock-wise.

A really, really, round ball of dough!

Cool, huh?

If you flip the ball over, you will see that the dough has gathered into a seamless mass on the bottom. 

I like to pinch these ends just to make sure the ball holds its shape.

Repeat until all the balls of dough are done.

You may want to cover these with plastic wrap and keep them from drying out.

Take each ball of dough and push down on one side, rolling it gently back and forth...

If the dough begins to stick to your counter, spray a little bit of cooking oil on it.

Keep rolling, tapering one end

until you get this "tear drop" shape.

Use a pair of kitchen scissors to cut 1 1/2 inches down the middle of the rounded end.

Pull cut ends apart.  Take each cut end and rotate it so the cut side lays flat on the counter.

Transfer shaped roll to prepared baking sheet, spacing the rolls about 2 inches apart.  Cover with plastic wrap.  When rolls have risen double, bake as directed.
After baking, brush with melted butter, if desired.  Beautiful, huh?  I bet your sweetheart would be impressed.

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