4 Homemade Fried Three Cheese Ravioli

The first time I ever heard of fried ravioli, I didn't want to try it.  I put it in the 'weird' category of fried twinkies, candy bars, etc.

It wasn't until I saw a couple of cooking shows that I really wanted to try this.

Ready?   I am!

Making pasta dough is easy peasy using a food processor or a mixer with a dough hook.

After the dough came to a lump, I took it out and kneaded it by hand until it looked like this...

Smooth......baby bottom smooth....

Cover it with plastic wrap and let it rest.  Can't roll it out just yet ~

Speaking of rolling, if you want to build muscle-y arms like the Italian women of yesteryear, go ahead.
Me?  I prefer to use my trusty Atlas Pasta roller, a gift my sister-in-law gave me many moons ago...

Meanwhile, I cleaned out my food processor and blended my three cheeses:  ricotta, mozzarella, and Parmesan.  Added some garlic and parsley, too.

After rolling out a thin sheet of pasta, I laid it out on my Norpro Ravioli maker.  It's a good idea to make sure you have your pasta well floured, or it will stick...

You don't have to use a ravioli press.  You can cut them by hand.

After the first sheet is laid down, you press a plastic mold on top to create the indentations that will hold the filling.

Remove the press, and you're ready to fill!

I found it handy to use my small (1 Tablespoon size) cookie scoop to place my filling on the pasta.

Brush the edges of the ravioli to make sure the second sheet of pasta will hold.

Lay the next sheet of pasta on top and use a rolling pin to press/cut the shapes.  Easy!

Of course, my feelings would not be hurt at all if you purchased your ravioli....that's what shortcuts are for ~

Dip the ravioli in a beaten egg, 

Then in Italian breadcrumbs,

(use a spoon or a separate hand...one for the egg, and one for the crumbs)

Then carefully place in hot vegetable oil.  Your frying temperature must be at least 350 degrees or your ravioli will soak up extra oil and be too greasy. If your oil is too hot, your pasta will not cook all the way through.

Put the fried ravioli on a paper towel....

Are you drooling yet?

Fried Three Cheese Ravioli
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