4 Wheat Flour Tortillas!

Sorry I haven't been around this past week!  My computer got 'attacked' again!  I gave in and purchased a Mac ~ There is a slight learning curve in navigating, but so far, I love it!

My Homestyle Flour Tortilla post has been a popular one.  I asked my hubby if he was interested in wheat flour tortillas and he shook his head...."No."

Yesterday, I tried the flour tortilla recipe, using 1 c. whole white wheat flour in place of 1 c. of all purpose flour, added 1 teaspoon of vital wheat gluten and just a teeny bit more water to get the right dough consistency.

I served them with my Cafe Rio Pork Barbecoa and...

Guess what?

My family loooooved them..... didn't even know there was wheat flour in them!

Light Wheat Flour Tortillas
(4x6 printable recipe)    (full page recipe)

The 4x6 template is in Microsoft Word....When I get a Mac version, I will update the recipe.  Thank you for your patience!
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