19 Fire it Up!

The brick oven, after two years of labor between unseasonably wet springs, was finished this year.

We invited some neighborhood kids over for a pizza party.  They loved choosing their own toppings!

It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get a good fire going.  The ceiling of the oven turns black at first, then to ash and burns off.  That is when you know the fire is ready.  The temperature is well over 800ºF.

We use a metal brush to move the ashes to the back of the oven and clean the oven floor in between pizzas.

The pizza peel is prepped with cornmeal and the dough is tossed.  This pizza is a simple cheese pizza with olive oil, Salad Supreme seasoning and mozzarella cheese.

With a flick of the wrist, the pizza peel is pulled out from under the pizza. 

The hottest part of the brick oven is toward the back.  The coals in the back provide the heat while the flames travel up to the top to brown the top of the pizza.

You can see how quickly the back side is bubbling up and beginning to brown.

We use a metal pizza peel to gently lift one edge of the pizza, pull it slightly towards us,  rotating the pizza as we pull the peel back...

A close up shot ... bubbly ... cheesy ...

All done and ready to eat!

I think the kids had a GREAT time!

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