1 Triple Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits

It's late.

You're tired.

You are craving chocolate and you need a quick treat ~

Duncan Hines to the rescue! 

Thanks to FoodBuzz & Duncan Hines, I received some coupons to try through their Tastemaker Program.

Did you know Duncan Hines has specialty cake mixes?  There is a decadent German Chocolate, an Apple Caramel, a Carrot cake mix, and this one...

Did you know Duncan Hines also makes fruit fillings?  Now you know!  With over 25 different fillings to choose from, this is what I picked:

What I came up with is this parfait.  This is a fun, presentable dessert that people would think you spent hours on.  Nope.  Try under an hour. 

Here's how:  Crumble some baked cake in the bottom of a clear glass, add a layer of instant chocolate pudding, whipped cream, raspberry filling, more crumbled cake, finish it with a dollop of whipped cream and garnish it with a dab of raspberry filling. 

My mom commented that this was a very good raspberry filling ... much better than any other she has tried.

So easy.

So fast.

So good.

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