21 A Baby Burrito....

When this little guy came into my life, I became a grandma.  Me?  A grandma?  Let's see...

Gray hair.  check
Reading glasses.  check
Wrinkles.  check
Age.  hmmmmm....

Ready or not, I was lucky to travel more than halfway across the United States to meet this cutie-pie.

It was so amazing to hold him and suddenly have all these flashbacks of  holding my little boy for the first time.

The memories came back very quickly; watching him sleep, feeding, changing diapers, and staring contentedly at his face for hours on end.

Oh, and making baby burritos.

What is that?

Here, I'll show you.

This one week old buckaroo is getting fidgety.  Squirmy.  Legs and arms are all over the place.  A few times, he smacks his face.  Can't have that! 

Time to make a baby burrito!

It is very helpful to use a thermal-style, stretchy blanket.  Fold one corner of the blanket down about 6 inches and lay the baby down on top of the fold.

Take the opposite corner and fold it up toward his belly button.

Put his one arm down to his side and pick up the free corner, with the blanket holding his arm snugly to his side.

Quickly get the other arm ready, tucking it straight down on his side.  Tuck this corner securely under his body.

Wrap the remaining corner to his other side ...  you can see that he is calming down already!

Here we go ... he's squirming a little, but he's not hitting himself in the head anymore!

His parents have said he's not a "binky" baby.  We'll see about that....

Hooray!   Yep.  I'm a grandma!

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