6 Cherry Lime Ricky & So Much More!

The weather is cooling down in Utah, but you never know when the heat will turn up!  Using OXO's cherry pitter gave me an idea. 

Why not make my own cherry juice?

Cook the juice even further and you will have cherry syrup!

Just think.  Cherry syrup that is all natural, with no artificial flavors or ingredients!

Think of all the ways you can use your homemade cherry syrup:

As a dessert topping.

Waffle or pancake topping.

Italian soda anyone?

Put a spoonful or two into your favorite soda: Lemon/Lime, Cola, or Dr. Pepper.  Add a dash of real vanilla ... or ...

How about a Cherry Lime Rickey?

Not too sweet, with the tang of lime, this is the perfect summer-ending drink.

I love knowing that I am not adding anything artificial!

I made this with club soda.  You can use chilled water, if desired.


Cherry Lime Rickey
(4x6 recipe card download)    (full page printable recipe)

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