0 Hard "Cooked" Eggs That Peel Like A Dream!

See this egg?  Doesn't it look perfect? 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from people who love hard boiled eggs is that they are HARD to PEEL...take a look at the above picture again.  See how many pieces of the shell is left ... the smooth surface of the cooked egg, plus the large pieces of shell are evidence of how easy it is to peel these eggs!

How is it possible?  I've experimented with several ways of hard "cooking/boiling/coddling" eggs and by far, using my electric pressure cooker is my favorite! It is almost a "set it and forget it" method ... no watching to make sure the water level is right, that it has come to a boil, that it is simmering....blah, blah, blah. The only method I haven't tried is BAKING them...

After seeing success with Barbara Bakes from Pressure Cooking Today & Laura from Hip Pressure Cooking, I decided to gather up my courage and try my hand at pressure cooking eggs!

Here's how you do it:

Put a steamer basket or trivet in your pressure cooker.  Then put your eggs on the trivet.  I was able to put 10 eggs on my trivet comfortably. 

Many bloggers have put their eggs in canning rings, used aluminum foil, silicone cupcake liners, etc. to keep the eggs from bumping into each other and cracking.  This sometimes happens when you traditionally hard boil eggs ... the water gets boiling too hard, the eggs move around and bump into each other, causing them to crack and sometimes leak. 

Pour 1 cup of water into the pressure cooker and set your PC to LOW pressure for 6 minutes.  Let the PC release steam naturally for 4 minutes, then do a quick release.

Let's see how they look!

Ooopsie! Looks like two eggs cracked and one leaked.  Oh well, they will be fabulous in an egg salad sandwich, don't you think?

After reading several comments on other blogs, one smart reader suggested this:

Cool, huh?  Make sure you are using the pressed cardboard carton, NOT the Styrofoam carton. Not a single egg leaked, and only one had a small crack in it.

Make sure you quickly put your cooked eggs into an ice water bath to stop the cooking and cool down the eggs.

I'm impressed with how they peel ~ just roll the cooked egg gently on the counter and peel under a small stream of running water from the kitchen faucet.

Let's cut one open and see how it looks inside:

PERFECT! Creamy yolks with no gray/green ring!  This is my preferred method of cooking hard "boiled" eggs!  Give it a try!

(4x6 Recipe Card Download)    (Full Page Printable Recipe)

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0 Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Who says Valentine sugar cookies need to be pink?  Or red?  Making these conversation heart sugar cookies were a lot of fun!

I love the creamy taste of buttercream icing and don't use anything else on my sugar cookies.  I use an offset spatula and frost slightly beyond the edges.  Then, using the straight edge of the spatula (or knife), I scrape off the excess, which you can see better on the green cookie.

I let the frosting on the cookies set (or dry) for 30 minutes or so before piping the letters onto the cookie.   This makes it easier to "scrape" off a mistake.

For more Valentine's Day food ideas, check this post: I {Heart} Valentine's Day!

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