0 Soft Chocolate Sugar Cookies

I searched high and low and all over the Internet for a chocolate sugar cookie.  What I found was Lia Lola's Chocolate Sugar cookie recipe.

One of my readers suggested that I make this cookie, saying it tastes "like a brownie."   Here is a frosted Lia Lola chocolate sugar cookie next to my soft vanilla sugar cookie.  See the difference? It is about half the size in height.

Her cookie has crisp edges (great for intricate shapes) and a soft, dense interior, much like a brownie. The taste?  Spot on for a chocolate sugar cookie; not to cocoa-y.

However, I wanted the texture of my soft vanilla sugar cookie and made up another test batch, using my vanilla recipe and subbing some of the flour for Hershey's Cocoa.  Now, that's more like it!

The flavor of this cookie is not overly sweet, as the buttercream frosting is plenty sweet.  I frosted a bunch of these fall leaves and gave them to my friends and neighbors for tasting.  The acorn and one of the leaves is a chocolate cookie. The rest are vanilla.

The verdict?

Overwhelmingly, many of the tasters loved the chocolate cookie with vanilla buttercream frosting. The rest loved the serious chocolatey taste of the chocolate frosted chocolate sugar cookies.

So, give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Soft Chocolate Sugar Cookies
(4x6 recipe card download)  (Full page printable recipe)


0 Cool Kitchen Tool: Stainless Steel Ruler

A ruler can be a necessisty when you need a straight line. 

Cutting sugar cookie dough, pie or bread dough can be tricky if you try to free hand a straight line.

I purchased a cheapie dollar plastic ruler and quickly found that the markings and numbers wash off.  I searched high and low over the internet for a ruler that would meet my baking requirements.

It had to be durable, made of stainless steel, be 18" long and NO cork backing.  Many of the rulers I found, after close inspection of the description, had a cork backing. 

I finally found THE RULER of my baking dreams!

Introducing the Empire Stainless Steel 18" Ruler!  You can find it on Amazon HERE.

It is currently $8.49, though the price can change any moment.  Add this cool kitchen tool to your baking collection!

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