12 BBA: Cranberry Walnut Celebration Bread

This is the 11th bread in the Bread Baker's Apprentice Challenge. If you want to join, go to Pinch My Salt for more information. There are more than 200 of us in the challenge and more joining every day!

This bread is an enriched, mildly sweet dough that is supposed to have walnuts in it. I am sure it would be wonderful with walnuts, but I made them without, as per my 16 year old's request.

The recipe gave me the choice of using orange or lemon extract and I chose orange. I couldn't quite taste it in this bread~I prefer using orange juice and orange zest, like in my orange roll recipe.

This bread had a great taste and texture, but was not one of my favorites.

However, rolling and shaping it was so much fun!

A loose craisin escaped...gotta tuck that back in!

This is the technique of braided challah from one piece of dough.

It was so simple, so easy!

Left side goes underneath the right...

Take the bottom loop and twist it to the right...

(it's starting to sound like a dance move, huh?)

See that free end on the right?

Just tuck it in the loop.

Ta Da!

Brush the surface with a beaten egg. Trust me on this!

It will make your bread golden and shiny....

The cranberries, orange and walnuts remind Peter Reinhart of Thanksgiving dinner.

This would make an awesome turkey sandwich, don't you think?

Next week, is English muffins. Now that's a bread I can get excited about!

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