11 Kitchen Tip: How to Crack an Egg

The Pillsbury Crescent and Holiday Plates giveaway is still going...enter here.       Seems silly, but I have been cracking eggs like this all my life.  The wrong way...      Against the edge of a counter, bowl or other sharp object.  Dealing with itty bits of shells swimming in egg goo, chasing the tiniest piece of egg shell with a spoon, fork, or finger.                                                     
In response to pieces of egg shells in a cookie or dish, my mother would tell me, "Oh, a little bit of extra calcium can't hurt you..."
Sorry, mom.  I can't deal with egg shell floaties...or crunchies...

Folks, this is the way to crack open an egg.    Lightly tap the side edge of the egg a couple of times on a FLAT surface.  

Not too hard, or you will have egg all over the counter.

 See that? 

A straight line.......

Easily opened and NO itty bits of egg shells!  Whoo hoo!

Don't ask me how or why this works.  It's a physics problem.

I had a lot of practice of egg crackin' in preparation for my roll class....22 eggs in all ~  I haven't  learned to open the egg with one hand.  Yet.

If you DO happen to get a piece of egg shell in there, try dishing it out with a large piece of egg shell, another sweet tip from a friend of mine.

Just one quick word of caution.  Do not, under any circumstances, throw the egg shells into the sink disposal.  Trust me on this.  I learned the hard way.

Now, get crackin'!

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