9 Kitchen Tip: Three Ways of Measuring Shortening

This is a great gadget for measuring peanut butter or shortening.  But I have to hand wash it... Don't have one?  That's okay.  I am going to show you two other sure fire ways of measuring shortening AND getting it out.
I needed 1/3 c. of lard for my tamales.  The lard was in a block with NO measuring guides.  What to do?  Just fill up a see-through liquid measuring up with 1 c. of cold water.

Then add shortening/lard until the water line reaches the desired measuring mark.  See the water touching the 1/3 line?  That means I have 1/3 c. of lard.  Make sure the shortening or lard is NOT sticking to the sides of the measuring cup.  Drain the water and you're good to go!

Don't have a liquid measuring cup?  Here's my 70's style Tupperware cup, packed tightly with shortening.  I take the straight edge of my table knife and push it all the way down the side...

and go all the way around the edge of the cup...

and repeat going all the way around the edge of the cup...you will see the shortening start to come out...You will only have to go around the edge of the cup about 4 times.

The shortening will just magically "pop" out.  No scooping.  No scraping.  See how clean that is?  Give it a try!

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