10 Homemade Cream Puffs and Eclairs...Yes, it is possible!

After my college roommate made homemade vanilla pudding, she further amazed me by making eclairs.  Yes.  Eclairs.  If she didn't already have a boyfriend, she would've had boys lined up the door. 
Now you know our secret for having guys come over to our apartment.  We cooked.  We baked.  For boys. 

If you want to impress someone, make these.

Are they difficult?  No.  Just watch...

Put water, salt, and butter in a pan...

Bring it to a boil...

Add all purpose flour,
and stir it till it forms a ball.   Easy, huh? 
Next, add in an egg...

and mix it in well.

Then add in another egg; mix.

Then another one; mix.

And one more.  Your arms will get a nice work out...

If you want an eclair shape, you will need a pastry bag.  If not, you can use a large spoon and make round eclairs.  They will taste the same!  I put the pastry bag in a tall drinking glass to hold it while I fill it...no tip needed. 
then gradually pull up the bag as it gets full...
I piped these on a parchment piece of paper.  4" long, 3" apart.  Next time, I'll make them "bite sized"...maybe 2" long.
Baked these for 30 minutes.  Boy, they really puffed up!
While the cream puffs cooled, I got the chocolate glaze ready.    Semi-sweet chocolate chips and butter were melted in the microwave...
Sifted some powdered sugar...
and added a few tablespoons of hot water.
Stir it all together to make a drizzling glaze.  Thin with additional water, if necessary.
Took a cream puff and split it down the side...
see how airy and pretty it is?  Man, that can hold a boat load of filling! 
I put in my homemade vanilla pudding.  You can use whipped cream, fruit, whatever your heart desires...the possibilities are endless!
Top it off with the dark, rich, chocolate glaze...
Mmmmmm....can't you just taste it?

I had to hurry for an "inside" shot...it was gobbled down quickly! 
Remember my secret?  I cook for boys.  All three of them ~

Eclairs with Chocolate Glaze  (4x6 printable recipe)   (full page recipe)


  1. That does look easy. Too bad I don't like Eclairs. I know I'm weird. My sons love them though. Guess that's reason enough to make them. Thanks for sharing!

  2. So that's how you get boys to come around! This recipe does look pretty easy I might need to give it a try!

  3. Wow, I can't believe how easy (and delicious!!!) those look . . . If my hubby hadn't already married me, these would seal the deal for sure!

  4. I know it's so easy! I made these last year for the season premiere of Lost - I named them Claire's... get it? I love filling them with whipped cream!

  5. I'm not the world's greatest baker, and cream puffs and eclairs have always intimidated me.

    You have inspired me to try!

  6. mmmm, I WISH I was tasting it!

  7. Really enjoy this step by step post. Thanks!!!!

  8. I love your blog- everything looks delicious! I am also in love with bread so I am going to have to check out all your recipes! Thanks for all the wonderful posts.

  9. Maybe if I make these for my boys they'll come visit me more often, ya think?

    These look fabulous Frieda. I haven't had breakfast yet and I'm drooling.

  10. Wow, didn't know that it was that easy to make eclairs. I've always thought it was something really complicated.


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