4 Juicy Homemade Hamburgers: Part Two & Bonus Tips!

May is National Hamburger month ~ this homemade hamburger patty recipe is the most requested recipe that I have to date. 

Recently, an eagle-eyed reader informed me that the amount of milk in both of my posted recipes was missing.

I wish I could say it was a computer glitch, but sadly, no....it was me.  

Many thanks go to the people who tell me that I have something stuck in my teeth, that my slip is showing, that I have a piece of food on my shirt, and yes, when something is missing or wrong with my recipe ~ you are truly my friends!

The recipe is updated and I have some bonus tips for you!

This is my trusty Tupperware hamburger press.

If you don't have one, that's okay.

You can make your own press ~

If you have a large 3 1/2" canning lid, line it with plastic wrap.

Put 1/4 pound of your seasoned hamburger on top...

Put another layer of plastic wrap on top of the meat...

and smoosh it with a flat plate.

*tip* handling the raw hamburger too much will make your meat tough.     

Peel off the plastic and you've got a perfect 1/4 pound hamburger patty!

Want to have a bunch of patties on hand for a quick dinner?  Here's how:

Line a baking sheet with plastic wrap...

put hamburger patties on top.

Plastic wrap on top, more hamburger patties and repeat, with plastic wrap between layers.

Cover the last layer of hamburger with a sheet of plastic wrap.  

Freeze for about 2 hours. Cut the plastic wrap between the rows of patties.  Don't remove the plastic wrap ~

Stack the hamburgers and put them into a freezer safe plastic bag.

When ready to grill, Peel the plastic wrap off the frozen patty and place directly onto the heated grill.  

Cook for the same amount of time...5-6 minutes per side.

Special thanks to Sarah, who saw the "missing" ingredient!

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