9 Did You Miss Me?

I sure missed you.... I missed baking, cooking, blogging and reading all of your blogs!  Here's a snapshot of what has been keeping me busy ~
I have been driving a group of Japanese high school students all around Utah...

Dead Horse Point at Sunset in Moab, Utah

Dinosaur Museum in Price, Utah

Our campground in Bryce Canyon, Utah

Teri and I were not only drivers, we were camp cooks.  Check out the cool-lookin' apron!

Every night, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Then flew to Newport Beach, California

Koi Pond at Fashion Island Mall, Newport Beach


Anaheim Emergency Room

Yep.  One of the darling Japanese girls never made it to Disneyland.  

After throwing up, complaining of aches, and shivering with a 102ºF fever, I took her to the hospital.

Getting a CT scan...

The diagnosis?


This is her after the surgery, still smiling!

The doctor wouldn't release her to go home to Japan the next day, so I stayed with her and her teacher for a week.

She has recovered nicely and is ready to go home tomorrow!

And yes, she made it to Disneyland yesterday.  Yay!!

I am SO happy that things have turned out well and to be home.  With my family.  Sleeping in my own bed.  Baking in my own kitchen.  Eating real food ~
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