11 Silpat Nonstick Silicone Baking Mat Review

I used to grease my cookie sheets.  I tried non-stick baking sheets.

Then I discovered parchment paper.

When I saw a deal on Amazon to buy 3 items and get one free, I decided to treat myself and buy 3 Silpat baking mats.  Amazon has the best deal on these that I've seen and free shipping doesn't hurt, either!

I've had these mats for about six months and I love them!

My Chocolate Chip Cookies cooked through perfectly...

and they browned beautifully on the bottoms, which surprised me.

I've baked dozens of rolls on these mats with great results.

You can use and re-use these mats and I love that I can immediately move the cookies and put the mat on a cooled pan (you don't want to put raw cookie dough on a hot pan!).

To clean them, just use a little dishwashing soap on a hot, wet rag, wipe the surface clean and rinse it clean under warm water.  Give it a little shake and let it air dry.

As easy as these mats are to use, they need a little TLC.

1.  Do not use in an oven hotter than 450ยบ F.
2.  Do not use the mat for ANY cutting.
3.  Store the mat flat when not in use.  (I store them in my baking sheets.)

I am sure there are many other uses for this great mat.  What have you used it for?
How long have you had your mats and are they still working well?

I would love to hear from you ~


  1. I sleep on them on hot, muggy nights just so I don't stick.

    Just kidding...LOL I love my silpats. I use them for everything except for baking anything that requires high heat.

  2. I've had my silpat mats for at least ten years. They have darkened, in time, but I love them. They are great for making Parmesan crisps. I use parchment paper a lot, because I think some things still crisp better. Overall, my silpats are my friends.

    1. I use parchment paper for anything above 450° ~ when I bake my French or Italian breads that require a high temp to make a crispy crust. Good to know you still enjoy your Silpat mats!

  3. Mags, you crack me up!

    Debby, that's good to know that your mats are still alive ~ that makes them a good investment.

  4. AnonymousJuly 31, 2010

    I love baking with my silpat mats, BUT I have to say that I did have a problem with one of them. I store all three of mine rolled into a cylinder and once pulled one out to find that the red rim around one had stuck to the part that it was rolled against, and when I pulled them apart the red rim color came OFF. That doesn't instill a great deal of confidence about that not coming off on the food that is cooked on the mat, so I always make an effort to stay inside of the edges.

    1. That's good to know. I store my mats flat in my 11x17 baking sheets; one mat per sheet. Silpat does give you the option to store them rolled, but I like the flat storage option better.

  5. I think that these are the only kitchen tool that I do not own. Thanks a lot Frieda. You cost me some $ today!

  6. I love to knead bread dough on my silpats. After I take it out of the Kitchenaid I put a bit of flour on the silpat and finish kneading it just a bit. I think I need to add less flour that way. I've had mine for maybe five years now. Still going strong. Wish I had one of the cookies right now!

    1. I tried rolling out a pie crust on a Silpat. Worked like a charm! Thanks for the tip, Barbara!

  7. I have those too! I love them!

  8. I use my silpats constantly. I have 5 of them, does that seem a little out of control? FYI- I have some that are "off brand" that seem to work every bit as well as the real brand.


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