3 Baked Onion Rings Review

Aren't they cute?  Pictured are three of the thirty or so Japanese high school students that  I help chauffeur around Utah for the next several weeks.

I am having a blast taking them around Utah, seeing Cats and Tarzan (the musicals), Zion's Canyon, and river rafting in Moab.

Unfortunately, I am not home very often and have little time or engergy for baking or cooking.

I have only recently learned to enjoy fried onions.  I was stuck in a long line at the Outback restaurant and they offered free Bloomin' Onions to those waiting.  I was starving and was willing to give them a try.

I fell in love.

I've had my eye on Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Baked Onion Rings for some time.

I had a hard time getting the cornflake/bread crumb coating to stay on the onion rings and here is the final result...

The flavor was so-so and I definitely missed the crunch of an all-around coating. 

Sorry, Martha... I will be sticking with PW's Onion Straws!


  1. Onion rings are one of my favorites, but I've never made them before. Delicious.

  2. Those bloomin' onions are to die for, aren't they?


  3. Nice post. I learn something more challenging on completely different blogs everyday.


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