3 Summer Whites and BBQ Sauce

I get nervous wearing white.

White is a dirt magnet.  All I have to do is step outside and dirt immediately jumps out and attaches itself to my white clothes.

I wore these cute white capris to a BBQ and within minutes, I had a BBQ polka dot on my pants.  I dabbed it with water and a napkin, but it was still there.

When I got home, I realized that I had a Tide to Go pen, a gift from a friend.

Does it really work?

Let's see...

Rubbing the tip over the stain didn't do anything.

Read the instructions...

Oh, I need to push the tip ~

Note to self: Don't push so hard.

Dabbed it with a clean napkin.

Now let's see if the watermark goes away...


I'm carrying one of these pens wherever I go.

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