5 Pulled Pork: Pressure Cooker Style

I debated making my Cafe Rio Pork Barbacoa in the slow cooker while at church, then felt uneasy leaving something plugged in while I was gone ... my hubby's co-worker had a relative whose electricity went off during church, came back on and surged through the treadmill and caught the house on fire.

Why not try it in the pressure cooker? I asked myself....

If you have some Christmas gift cards or cash and haven't decided yet what to buy, you need to seriously consider purchasing a pressure cooker.  I love, love, LOVE this electric Cuisinart pressure cooker!

You know how looooooong it takes to cook pulled pork in a slow cooker?  Yeah, 8-12 hours.  Well, if you use a pressure cooker, it takes maybe about 90 minutes.  Sweet, huh?

First, the  country style boneless pork ribs are marinated overnight.

Then, about 2 hours before dinner, the pork is put into the pressure cooker with only 1/2 cup of the marinade.  You don't need very much liquid in a pressure cooker as you would with a slow cooker.

Set the pressure on HIGH and the timer for 45 minutes.  Yes, 45 minutes.

Let the pressure come down naturally (it took about 30 minutes) and this is what you will find ....

I strained the meat and took off some of the fattier parts off.  This meat shredded so nice and easily, which is a winner in my book for a quick and easy meal!

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