0 Caramel Corn Puffs

I'm in trouble.

Deep trouble.

Again, like the White Texas Sheet Cake, I was introduced to this crispy, caramel-ly, melt-in-your-mouth puff goodness at a church gathering. It is like the best, caramel corn, EVER.
You don't have to pop the corn and you don't get popcorn hulls stuck in your gums...No seeds, no hulls!

It only took a quick search around the room to find the lady that so generously brought this addictive sweet snack and ask her for the recipe.

"Well, it's on the bag," she said.

What bag? I ask.

"Ummmm, the bag of corn puffs that I bought at Harmons grocery store."

The very next day, I went to Harmons and found the bag of corn puffs and immediately made this recipe...

Sure enough, the recipe is on the back!  Here we go ...

Butter and light corn syrup.  The base of most candy recipes...

Light brown sugar ...

are mixed and cooked for two minutes or till bubbly around the edges.  The pan is removed from the heat and baking soda is added. This lightens the color of the mixture, foams, and allows the coating to stick to the corn puffs.

The caramel-ly goodness is poured evenly over the puffs ...

mixed, and placed into a low oven, stirring every 10 minutes for 45 minutes.

Yes, you need to stir every 10 minutes or you will have a large blob of caramel corn.

Don't worry, it's SO worth every crispy, buttery, caramel-y, sweet bite!

You can find these corn puffs at:

Harmons Grocery

Caramel Corn Puffs
(4x6 recipe download)    (full page printable recipe)
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