2 The Best Hamburger Buns!

A good friend of mine asked me, "Want to taste the best hamburger ever?" Now, I am not usually a beef gal (I prefer chicken), but I had to take her up on her offer. She took me to a quaint cafe (sadly, it is no longer operating) that used fresh, organic ingredients.

I had to say, I was impressed. Not only by the lean, moist beef, but by the all wheat bun! It was truly love at first sight and taste!

I used the Feather Wheat Roll recipe and made 12 beautiful looking hamburger buns, using the rosette style of shaping, and flattening them with the palm of my hand.

I am not sure what other bakers top their rolls with (sesame seed or wheat flakes), but I spritzed the tops with water, and sprinkled them with chopped oatmeal.

I can't wait till dinner tonight.....


  1. These look great, looking forward to trying them :)

  2. These look great. I am wondering how the top holds up when juicy toppings are applied?


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