4 My Budding Baker! Chocolate Muffins

My youngest son is almost 16 years old. At school, he needed to sign up for an additional class and to my surprise, he signed up for cooking! He has been learning a lot of amazing things; more than I ever learned in a high school cooking class!

Imagine my surprise one morning that he got up early and made these yummy chocolate chocolate chip muffins! They are better than the Costco ones. I asked him where he got the recipe, and he gave me this big grin! He then showed me his new I-Touch ipod, selected 'Big Oven', typed in the recipe name, and Voila! The recipe emerged! Hooray for technology!

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffins

(4x6 printable recipe) (full page recipe)


  1. Hey Frieda! I made your delicious chocolate chip cookies today! Greg loves them! Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts you gave us! They are so cute in our kitchen, all those cute silver jars. Plus, I love the recipes! I hope you don't mind... I'm kind of stealing your idea to make a christmas present for my mom.
    Is that okay? I am making a recipe blog for my mom to put some of her Japanese stuff so she can give it to her friends. It's just such a cute idea!
    I hope it's okay!
    Anyway, I love you! Say hello to your family and Jordan for me!

  2. Yea for him!! Can't wait to try these, I looove chocolate muffins!

  3. This weekend I let my kids make these muffins. We loved them! :)

    1. It is SO fun when your kids cook and bake for you ~ what an accomplishment and so fun! Thanks for the sweet review!


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