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A reader made my bread recipe a while back and said that it didn't rise very well.

After asking her about her yeast and how she raised her bread, she came up with the answer:

Her loaf pans were too small.

The recipes that I use regularly have around 6-8 cups of flour total. This is enough for 2 large loaves of bread if baked in a 9x5 pan.

I like to make 3 loaves, using the 8x4 pans. Why?

The smaller slices fit in my toaster and in my Ziploc sandwich bags.

Besides, three is better. I can keep 2 loaves and give one away!

When you put your shaped dough into your greased loaf pan,
it should fill the pan a little bit more than half...

Here's a couple of closeup photos...

Hopefully, this is close enough without getting a blurry picture!

When your dough has risen, it should stick out about 1" above the pan. There is no ruler, just an estimate.

Let it raise any higher, and the top will collapse or fall...

Here are my three plastic covered babies, ready for the oven!

I love plastic wrap.

Makes my life so much easier!


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