16 100th Post & Giveaway! (Giveaway is Closed)

Blog? Huh? What's a blog?
I never knew what a blog was until eight months ago.
Never knew that I would be writing my 100th post.
Never knew that I would be making friends with bloggers on the other side of the world.

I just knew that I loved making bread, eating and sharing it with others.

I love to give away bread.

If I could, I would give away a loaf to each and every one of you!

Do you remember this little guy? My kids do!

It's interesting that when inanimate objects become animate, we develop attachments to them.

My youngest boy developed an attachment to his yellow blankie. And the blue one. And the pink, white, and green blankies. In all, he had 7 different thermal stretch blankies that he had to go to sleep with every night. It took a looooong time to wean him off all of them! One by one, they slowly disappeared, until he was left with a small patch of what was left of his white, worn out blankie.

What he doesn't know is that I have them...safeguarded in a box that I will give to him.


Who has the attachment now?

In celebration of all things bread, I am giving away (1) Cloer Toaster!

This beauty is 825 watts strong, with a stay cool stainless steel exterior finish.
There is a removable crumb tray...cool!
It even has a 'stop' button to eject your toast at your convenience, with automatic shut off once your toast is finished.
This is a high quality toaster that comes with a 2 year warranty.

Who can enter?

Anyone in the United States. (sorry!)
Anyone who loves bread.
Anyone who has or doesn't have a toaster.
Hey, if you have one, why not give one away as a wedding gift?

How do you enter? (you have up to 3 chances!)

Leave a comment on this blog with the name of your favorite bread.
Post this link on your Facebook and post a comment here.
Leave a tweet on Twitter and post a comment here.

How do you win?

You can't win if you don't enter!
You gotta enter/leave a comment by midnight, MDT, Friday June 12!
By random selection. The winner's name will be posted on Monday, June 15.

I love blogging.
I love giveaways.
I love bread.

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