4 Cost of Homemade Bread: Part 2

Last week, I taught a bread making class to a large group of moms and their kids. It was so much fun!

All the moms had to do was bring in their mixer, loaf pans, and kids.

Even some boys came, which was a bonus!

I decided to purchase all the ingredients and make 'kits' for my Half and Half Honey Wheat Bread recipe. Here is the cost run-down for 12 kits:

Canola Oil, 48 oz., $2.99, used 2/3
Vital Wheat Gluten, 27 oz, $4.99, used 11 oz.
Honey, 6 lbs, $10.97, used 3 pounds
Prairie Gold White Wheat Flour, 5 pound bag, $3.74, used 2 1/2 bags (The best white wheat flour around!)
All Purpose Flour, 25 pound bag, $6.99, used 12 1/2 pounds
Active Dry Yeast, 2 pounds, $3.89, used 1 pound

Water, N/A
Salt, N/A

Each kit made (3) 8x4 loaves or (2) 9x5 loaves
Each kit, including tax: $2.04
One 9x5 loaf: $1.04
Learning a bread making skill with your child: Priceless


  1. I love baking bread, finally perfect a fabulous whole wheat loaf. I will post it tomorrow. Welcome to the Hive:)

  2. Your breads looks delicious! I can almost smell them.

  3. Maria, I can't wait to see your bread post! I'm looking forward to being part of a local group of bloggers!

    Thanks, Barbara! I sometimes wish we had smell-o-vision!

  4. What a fun idea! I'll bet all those moms really appreciated your efforts!


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