0 Kickin' It Up with Emeril!

Part of being a FoodBuzz Featured Publisher is that I have the opportunity to participate in the Tastemaker program.

This means a package comes in the mail and I get to sample products, which is so much fun!

Here's what came:

Emeril's Original Essence,
Chicken Rub,
Kicked Up Horseradish Mustard
Chicken Stock

I used 1 tsp. of the Chicken Rub with 2 T. of vegetable oil and marinated this boneless chicken breast for 20 minutes in my Foodsaver canisters. You could marinate this chicken in a plastic Ziploc bag for four hours or more.

Grilled the chicken for 20 minutes, on medium heat, turning over every 5 minutes to prevent burning.

The chicken came out moist, flavorful, and with just a hint of smokiness.

My 20 year old son wanted to make an egg salad sandwich, so I suggested that he try Emeril's Original Essence and Horseradish Mustard.

Original Essence is a seasoning that can be put on just about anything.

He chopped up 2 hard boiled eggs, added mayo, Original Essence,

and several squirts of Kicked Up Horseradish Mustard.

This mustard has cayenne in it.

All served between two slices of his favorite homemade bread: Nine Grain Cracked Wheat.

My son loves mixing up flavors and anything spicy.

The verdict?

"A good sandwich, but not great."

Next, I used Emeril's Chicken Stock for Ina Garten's creamy fresh tomato basil soup.

This stock is full of flavor, but I had to reduce the salt in the recipe, as this stock carries 570 mg. of sodium in each serving.

Loved the pour spout and lid. The rest is in the fridge, awaiting another recipe to try!

I didn't have a food mill for the soup, but used my immersion blender.

I will be making this soup with canned tomatoes the next time it snows outside...


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