6 Roast Beef Dinner: Cooking Under Pressure

Pressure Cooker Roast Beef PotatoesWhen I saw Norah's Recipes for Pressure Cooker BBQ'd Beef, I was delighted.

I have to admit, I do have a pressure cooker that I received as a wedding gift.

I have to admit, I haven't used it that much. Only for potatoes and carrots.

I climbed into the 'black hole' of my cabinet and saw the pressure cooker.

It looked sad.

I browned an almost 3 pound roast in a couple tablespoons of oil, seasoned it with onion powder, (didn't have an onion handy) salt and pepper and majoram.

I sliced some carrots and threw them in with 2 c. of beef broth.

Closed the lid, and turned the stove on high.

This cooker is different than the one I saw my mom use.

It has a safety feature on it that locks the lid when it comes to a full steam.

Once it hits full steam, I can turn down the heat, say, medium low and cook this roast for 30-35 minutes.

After 35 minutes, I turned the stove off and opened my round thingy to let off the steam.

I wish my body had one of those round thingys to let off steam. Wait. I do.

Anyways, I threw in some halved red potatoes, 1/4 c. water, and brought it back up to steam.

Cooked for 5 minutes, turned the stove off and opened the round steam thingy.

Are you impressed? I am. The beef was moist, juicy, tender and full of flavor. Pressure cooking uses less water, therefore it retains more flavor and moisture....Yum!

I turned the liquid into a gravy that complimented the meal quite nicely.

If you want a cut of beef to shred, choose a chuck, pot roast or brisket and you'll have a quick shredded beef recipe to use in enchiladas or BBQ Beef.

Thanks, Norah, for inspiring me to pull out and use my pressure cooker!
Roast Beef & Potatoes Pressure Cooker
(4x6 recipe)    (full page recipe)


  1. I am so glad it worked for you! Now you have me craving roast beef for dinner. I love my pressure cooker and I hope you find the love I have for yours.

  2. Yum, sounds like delicious comfort food to me! Do you know that I have never used a pressure cooker! I'm kind of scared of them...the whole blowing up in your face "myth" thingy, I suppose. Boy I'm scared of baking bread and pressure cookers...

  3. I don't have a pressure cooker - yet! It sounds wonderful!

  4. I'm so glad you are using a pressure cooker. I have a digital one that upgraded to a few years ago. I adore it! I use it more than a slow cooker and I love it! I posted my pot roast recipe that I dubbed "cooking under pressure". Great minds think alike! As soon as this heat is gone, I'll dust mine of for winter soups and stews.

  5. Never saw the point in owning a pressure cooker if I wasn't going to can, but maybe I shall look into one. Pot roast in 40 minutes (plus time to bring it up to temp, of course) sounds pretty dern awesome.

  6. The 'blowing up' thing is a thing of the past...as long as you've got a good seal, you're okay. I watched my mom use one for years, so I haven't been as nervous.

    A digital cooker sounds wonderful! My friend just bought her mom an electric pressure cooker and my mom just got a stainless steel one (her previous one was aluminum). When mine wears out, I will have to look into a digital one...


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