2 Broccoli Beef with a Twist of Ponzu

As part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program, I received a bottle of Kikkoman's Ponzu sauce with Lime.  I love Kikkoman's soy sauce and have enjoyed trying something new and different.

So, just what is Ponzu sauce?  This savory, tangy, slightly salty, and sweet sauce is the perfect condiment to any traditional Japanese or Latin dish.  Anytime you would typically add soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce, try a little substituting Ponzu sauce with Lime or Lemon, for a twist!

I started with a marinade that included Ponzu sauce with Lime, rice vinegar, cornstarch and a dash of fresh, cracked pepper.

I browned some thinly sliced London Broil (slice partially frozen meat...it's easier) and browned it in a pan.  I then added some smushed garlic.  

I made some sauce by using Oyster sauce, rice vinegar, Ponzu sauce with Lime, cornstarch and chicken broth.

I blanched a head of broccoli florets by placing them in a pot of boiling water for a minute or two.

The sauce was poured over the browned beef/garlic mixture and cooked until thickened.  The broccoli was tossed in for a very quick, easy, and delicious meal.  

Thanks, Kikkoman and FoodBuzz!

Broccoli Beef with Ponzu Sauce  


  1. Sounds like a great idea for a yummy meal!

  2. I've been staring at my bottle, trying to figure out what to make. Great job, Frieda. Yummy!


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