12 Fire!!

Last February, my husband started a huge project ~ building his own brick oven.

You can see the humble beginnings here.

We are proud to announce that we have built our first fire!

What started out as a hole became a foundation, walls and a top.

This year, he was able to start the floor of the oven...

which morphed into an igloo of sorts.

A door was added and framing was begun.

All we needed was a chimney and we were good to go!

As part of the curing process, we need to start a small fire and gradually work our way up to a rip roaring 900 degree bonfire ~

Here's hoping we will have some yummy pizzas and artisan breads in our future...


  1. How incredibly Awesome!!! Lucky girl...can't wait to see what out of it =)

  2. I just wish you could see how green I am with envy.

    Beautiful oven. Oh man, I wish I had one of those.

  3. did you get my other comment?

    I just said that this was SOOOO cool, and I really wanna bake some delish pizza in it too!

  4. AMAZING! So jealous. I can't WAIT to see what you guys make in that beautiful oven. Care to come to Indiana and make one for me? *batts eyes*


  5. Wow you are going to have fun with that! My sister has a wood-fired pizza oven in her house and she has a lot of fun with it! Joni

  6. I look forward to hearing about what you make. I'm jealous!

  7. I am so impressed... Be sure to tell your husband he is one amazing, inventive man. Can't wait to see what you bake in it!

  8. I would LOVE to have a wood fired oven in my house, but it's not designed to have an extra tall chimney, so this oven is outside ~

  9. Funny, my husband spent the summer building one for us. We should compare notes on the use. I'd love to bake together sometime!

  10. Gabi, we've used it several times to make pizza and now he wants me to bake bread in it. Say a prayer for me!


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