4 Katsudon: EASY Breaded Pork Rice Bowl

This is the very first Japanese meal I have ever eaten.  I was on bed rest with my second child when a friend called, "Can I bring over some Katsudon?"

"Huh?  Kat....su...what?"

"Katsudon.  I made it on my mission in Japan and it is so easy and so good!"

When my husband heard that she was bringing this Japanese dish, he nearly lept out of his skin; he was so excited.

What is Katsudon?  It is simply a breaded pork cutlet with sweet soy sauce broth and soft cooked onions served over rice.  It is a very kid-friendly dinner that is a cinch to make.

Start with the broth:  sugar,

an equal amount of soy sauce,

and four times the amount of water.

Stir until the sugar is dissolved.

Add a sliced onion, (or green onions) cover and cook till they are soft and tender.

While they are cooking, you can put a pan of rice on the stove.

I like brown rice, but if you are short on time, you can make fluffy white rice.

This is that super thick pork loin that I get from Costco.

I like to slice it about 1/4" thin.

On the left is all purpose flour, a beaten egg, and panko crumbs.

To bread the pork, dip in flour, then egg, then panko and pan fry in a little bit of oil on both sides till you get this...

I've cheated and used frozen breaded chicken patties, which work great in a time pinch.  Shhhhhh.....don't tell anyone ~

Put some rice in a bowl, place your breaded pork (or chicken patty) on top and spoon some sauce over the top...you and your kids will gobble this up!

My hubby likes the authentic way of eating Katsudon: whisk a raw egg, pour it on top of this dish, cover it with a lid/plate and let it steam a minute or two.

Me?  I'm a picky eater and I like it without the egg ~

Katsudon: Breaded Pork with Rice

(4x6 recipe download)   (full page printable recipe)


  1. You never fail to teach me something new every time I come here. This looks delicious!

  2. Funny you should post this today. This is the dinner we had last night. My hubby served in Japan and I made the breaded chicken the night before. He made the Katsudan with the leftovers. We eat it with the egg and he puts peas in it too.

  3. mmmm...that looks really tasty...like the japanese version of milanesa!! YUM!

  4. I'll have to try this. I rarely if ever cook Japanese, but this looks like something I could tackle. I have a post ready to go up that is a similar technic.


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