1 Rice Chex is Gluten Free!

Many sweet ladies volunteered to cover my position as Primary pianist in  church while I was gone with the Japanese students.  I decided to gift each of these ladies with a hot loaf of my honey wheat bread.

Then I heard that one of these gals has Celiac and cannot eat anything that has wheat, barley or rye in it.  I don't know what I would do if I couldn't eat bread...

I soon came across Redhead Recipes, who announced that Chex (corn and rice) is Gluten Free ~ and I knew what I had to make for my gluten free friend...

Muddy Buddies.  Also known as Puppy Chow.

So easy to make, so addicting, and so good!

You can find the recipe HERE.

I made sure all the ingredients (cereal, peanut butter, chocolate chips, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar) said Gluten Free on them.  If I couldn't find it, I looked it up on the Internet.

She was thrilled to get a treat, and appreciated that I took her diet into consideration.

After talking to her about baking gluten free products, and asking about a gluten free blog site, she highly recommended Gluten Free Girl and the Chef.  More than just recipes for the gluten free diet, here is a story about a writer, discovering the joy of finding food that loves her back and falling in love with The Chef, her partner in life and cooking.

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  1. Having a gluten free treat is very handy. Thanks for the recipe. I have a sister-in-law that will be very happy when she can have a little sweet :)


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