4 Kitchen Tip: Lemon & Lime Juice/Zest

I love having fresh lemon and lime juice on hand.  Even better, having zest just adds that extra oomph to your baked goods.

Herbed Turkey Breast, homemade Mayonnaise, and most recently, Baklava, all use fresh lemon juice.

Lime juice?  I use that in Cafe Rio Cilantro Rice and Baklava.  I'm finding more recipes to use lime juice.

Did you know you can freeze the juice and zest from lemons and limes?

First, roll the lime or lemon on the counter, pressing with your palm.

This releases more juices.

Next, zest using a microplaner or other fine grater.

Put zest in a plastic wrap and roll up tightly.

Fold up the ends and it's ready for the freezer!

I love my wooden reamer.  It only cost me around $2 and I have used it a lot!

Place a mesh strainer over a bowl or cup to catch any seeds.

Juice to your hearts content~

Measure 2 T. of juice into each ice cube section.

Freeze overnight and pop out into a freezer Ziploc bag.

Now you have pre measured juice, ready for your next fabulous recipe!


  1. What a great idea, I never thought of freezing the peel for later use and freezing the juice as well. Thanks for the tips!


    Jaime and Jen Dish

  2. OK, I'm an idiot. I knew I could freeze the juice, but I never even thought that I could freeze the zest. Great info Frieda!

  3. Fabulous tips, Frieda! I never thought of freezing the zest, either! I am definitely going to start doing this :D

  4. I had no idea! Thanks for the great tip Frieda! P.S. I haven't heard back about you doing a class for us yet. I'll let you know!


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