7 German Chocolate Cream Pie

I chose to fill my baked pie shell with one of my favorite fillings:  German Chocolate.

I love just about any cream pie, and this one is no exception.  While creamy, with a mild, bitter-sweet chocolate flavor, it's the toasted coconut and pecans throughout bring it over the top.
You can use a pudding (non-instant) box mix, but why do that when it is easy to make your own?

Here's my Vanilla Pudding post if you want to use it make a banana cream pie.

It is easy.  Add cornstarch with sugar... add milk,  stir.

Add whatever chocolate floats your boat.

In my case, it's Ghiradelli's Double Chocolate bittersweet chips...

Bring to a boil over medium high heat while stirring.

Whisk a few eggs with a fork.

Pour a about a cup of the hot, bubbly pudding into the whisked eggs and stir thoroughly.

Stir the chocolate/egg mixture back in and boil for a couple of minutes more.

To make sure I don't have any eggy lumps, I put the pudding mixture through a fine sieve.

 Which was a good thing, because there were a few eggy bits left behind...

Add a pat of butter and some fragrant vanilla.

This looks sooooo good and so creamy!

How can it possibly be better?

Introducing toasted coconut....

Put sweetened shredded coconut in a single layer and put into a 350°F oven.  Bake for 3-5 minutes, watching it very carefully ~ it can burn quickly!

and toasted pecans!!

Just toast 'em in another pan with the coconut...

Toasting just brings 'em to a whole 'nother flavor dimension...

Put the filling in the baked pie crust and put a layer of plastic wrap on it.

No more pudding skin!

I remember pulling the skin off the puddings my mom made and tossing it aside.... just couldn't bring myself to eat it!

Let it chill in the fridge for several hours and have fun decorating the top with fresh whipped cream, mini-chocolate chips and the toasted goodies...


German Chocolate Cream Pie
(4x6 recipe download)     (full page printable recipe)


  1. Since the rest of the family didn't inherit my love of pumpkin pie, I'm going to have to try something different. This looks delicious to me, but guess what? None of them like coconut either... SIGH

  2. Mags, the beauty of this recipe is that you can leave out the coconut. My brother, who is not a coconut fan, liked this version because I toasted it. The coconut was more crunchy than 'chewy.' Your family will appreciate the smooth homemade custard if you choose to make it!

  3. I'm not usually a big fan of chocolate pie, but this looks scrumptious. How did you pipe your whipped cream?

  4. Barbara, I made fresh whipped cream: 1 c. whipping cream, 2 T. sugar, 1/2 t. vanilla and whipped it to a soft peak. Put it in a pastry bag with a medium tip and had fun with it~

  5. That is the most unusual pie I've ever seen... I'll bet there wasn't one bite left! Great looking, appetizing post!

  6. This pie is absolutely WONDERFUL ! I found this recipe a few years ago and started making because my husband loved a German Chocolate pie we used to get from a restaurant chair that is no longer in existence. He says this one is better :) So I started making for family at holidays or a visit. Now it is always requested. Its just heaven. My tweak, I sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips on the crust before pouring the filling in. Another thing I do different is, if I know it wont be eaten all at one sitting, I put the whipped cream on each individual piece and I have a little container of the coconut, pecans and mini chocolate chips to sprinkle on the top. Thank you for the recipe !

    1. Thank you so much for letting me know how much you enjoy this recipe! I love your tweaks & will definitely try them the next time I make this pie. Enjoy!🙂


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