5 If You Give a Food Blogger a Cookie...

If you give a food blogger a cookie, she's going to ask for a camera to take a picture of it.

When you give her a DSLR camera, she'll ask for a 50mm 1.8 macro lens.

Give her the macro lens,  and she'll probably ask for a tripod to go with it.

Give her a tripod and she'll ask for camera bag to keep all her equipment in it.

When she gets the camera bag, she'll ask for a pink polka-dot carry on suitcase with spinners.

When she gets the suitcase, she will promptly go on a Caribbean cruise.

When she goes on the cruise, she'll immediately notice all the wonderful foods to eat. She'll get carried away by taking a zillion photographs and tasting all the foods.

When she gets home, she'll want to upload all the photos and put them on her blog.

When she opens her blog, chances are she'll see a recipe for a cookie.

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  1. What a fun post! You had me at cookie!!

  2. Frieda, What a fun post.

    I hope that you were not on the Carnival Cruise ship that caught on fire and had to be towed back to San Diego without food and water. The towing I could take....but NO FOOOD, ughhh. That's the biggest part of cruising.

  3. That was just too cute! I read that book to my six kids a gajillion times - I almost had it memorized. It's a vicious circle (food blogging) isn't it?!

  4. Thanks, everyone! I just couldn't resist...I had so much fun writing it!

    Bonnie, no I wasn't on that cruise ship, but know someone who was. Not fun at all~


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