12 Marinated Boneless Pork & A Giveaway! **CLOSED***

I recently discovered a boatload of boneless pork in my freezer.  I love this pork from Costco and buy it every time it is on sale.  The problem?  I only have one recipe that I use, Sweet and Sour Pork.

Thanks to Lea & Perrins and Foodbuzz, I received a coupon for a free bottle of Worcestershire sauce.  The problem?  I can't pronounce "Wor...she..."   "Wooosh...ches..."  Never mind.

This is NOT your mom's pork chop recipe.  Moist, tender, and SO fast and easy to make.

Here's how:

Soy sauce and canola oil

Add Worshhh....never mind.

The Lea & Perrins stuff.

Add apple cider vinegar.

Did you know you can make your own apple cider vinegar?

Check my post HERE oh how easy and peasy it is to make...

 Next is brown sugar

and ketchup.  Catsup. Whatever.  I know you have it on hand.

Dump it in and give it a stir.

In my opinion, the Costco chops are a little to thick.  I always cut them in half, lengthwise.

Oh, and trim them up good.

This is about 1/2" thick.

Marinate the chops for oh, at least 4 hours or even overnight.

That way, the flavor goes all the way through.

Here they are, ready to bake!

How do you know it's done?

I love my instant read thermometer.  You want your pork to be at least 160°F.

I think these are done, don't you?

Juicy, no?

Let's find out.

So tender, you can cut it with a fork.

Want a FREE bottle of Lea & Perrins Wooooshh....sorry folks, I can't say it, but you know what I mean, right?

Lea & Perrins and Foodbuzz have given me two coupons to give away to two of my lucky readers.

All you have to do is leave a comment.  Any comment.  "Hello,"  "Pick me," or whatever is on your mind.

Open to US readers only.
Giveaway ends at midnight November 23, 2010 MST.

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  1. Pick me!

    Those park chops look fabulous. And for the record, I can't pronounce "that" word either...LOL

  2. You pronounce it like woos-ti-sure. We love it! This recipe looks so good. It has now been bookmarked.

  3. Yup, woost-ti-sure. Don't know why they bother putting in all those other letters. Trust the English to make a crazy word for us.

    This looks delish!

  4. Worchestershire sauce is the secret ingredient to an amazing flank steak.

    Debbie: rebbiedeed(at)hotmail(dot)com

  5. Well, I'd go with "woost-e(r)-shirr." But whatever it is, I LOVE Lea & Perrins. It's the secret ingredient in my meatloaf. Pick me!

  6. Repeat after me, "wuss-ter-sheer." We'll work on the spelling later. Or not.

  7. This recipe is looks delicious! I would love to win, because Lea & Perrins is the only Worcestershire sauce I ever buy!

  8. Frieda, I love your recipes! I love you!

  9. Pick ME !!
    I am anxious to try a pork chop recipe that is easy and tender.

  10. Thanks for the post. I was looking for a recipe for pork chops and here it is. I also have another great recipe that uses a can of cherry cola and yes the dreadful word worch......sauce. I can't even spell it.

    PS. Pick me I love this stuff and the brand is so much better than the generic.

    tish @ www.grazingthehurds.blogspot

  11. Pick Me :) Your pork chop recipe sounds very good!!

  12. Yum, for someone who hasn't had anything to eat all day, these look to good to be true! Pick me!


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