2 Cruise Food: Appetizers

Royal Caribbean docked in Labadee, Haiti

What is the FIRST thing that comes to your mind when you think of being on a cruise?

Is is the beach?

The excursions?

The culture?

The ship?

Oh yeah, that's right.  It's gotta be the food!

Dining on a cruise ship is a great experience.  You can pretty much eat ANY time you want.

The foods you are about to see are from the five-star evening dinners, which are included in the cruise.

Whenever I eat out, I rarely order an appetizer ... I want to save room for dinner and possibly dessert.

So, sit back and enjoy some peeks at cruise fare this week ... compliments of Royal Caribbean Cruise lines ...

Casesar Salad with Crusty Rolls

Savory Onion Tart

Shrimp Cocktail

Chilled Roasted Peach Soup

Chicken & Cabbage Dumplings

Summer Fruit Medley
Crab Cakes with Relish

Strawberry Bisque
Our son discovered he LOVES chilled fruit soups.  So much, that he even asked for two.

Yes, it is permissible to ask for two ~ just remember to tip your waiter generously!


  1. When we went on our cruise, we not only asked for 2nd helpings of appetizers but we asked for 2nd helpings on 1 or 2 different appetizers...each meal! I loved our cruise. Someday I'll go on another.

  2. AnonymousJuly 04, 2011

    I'm with you - I SO love chilled fruit soups! Cruise ships know how to feed you - thats for sure!


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