2 Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade

After making a successful Buffalo Chicken pizza made with KC MaterpieceⓇ Buffalo Marinade, I decided to make a chicken sandwich.

I love using my FoodSaver to marinade meats.  It only takes 20 minutes and a couple of tablespoons of sauce.

The chicken was cooked on a propane grill on high for 20 minutes, turning it every 5 minutes.

While the chicken was cooking, I got the fixins' ready ... A chewy, soft, French Bread hamburger bun is perfect for this sandwich.

I made a sauce of blue cheese mixed in with additional KC MasterpieceⓇ Buffalo marinade.  You can adjust the heat by adding as much or as little marinade as you want.

Ready ...

Set ...


Thanks to the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program and  KC Masterpiece, we have another winning meal on our hands!


  1. I would love to hear about using the Foodsaver and marinading! The bags are expensive, but it looks like you're using a jar. I think I've got the ones that came with it someplace... Is that what you're using?


  2. Diane, You would love the FoodSaver...it is SO worth it! I'm using the containers that came with the FoodSaver, but you can use a Mason jar with a wide mouth and a canning jar lid (with the red rubber underneath the lid) to marinate, keep marshmallows fresh, or store other dry goods.


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