5 Buffalo Chicken Wood Fired Pizza: KC Masterpiece Buffalo Marinade

Did you know that KC Masterpiece makes not only BBQ sauce, it makes marinades?  They have come out with a NEW marinade:  Buffalo.

As part of the FoodBuzz Tastemaker program with KC Masterpiece, I received a bottle of Buffalo marinade on the very day we were making pizza for a group.

Why not make a Buffalo Chicken pizza?  To begin, I poured some of this Buffalo marinade into a small bowl and added some chunky blue cheese dressing.

Mixed it up well, and spread it on the pizza dough.

Next, I tossed some cooked chicken with some additional Buffalo marinade...

How about some thinly sliced red onion?

Top with mozzarella cheese ....  and blue cheese crumbles ...

Here it is, ready to be fired up!

Some have asked me what the difference is between cooking a pizza on a stone in your oven versus baking it in a wood fired oven.

I have narrowed it down to two things ~

One is the amount of time it takes to cook.  My oven, at 500°F, will cook up one of these pizzas in about 8-9 minutes.  The brick oven?  Two minutes, flat.

The other thing is flavor ...  with a wood fired oven built with cherry, hickory, apple or alder, you get a sweet smokiness that you just can't get from a kitchen oven.

Ahhhhhhhh...there it is, in all its cheesey, bubbly filled glory.

One bite, and my husband declared it his absolute MOST favorite pizza!  He said the marinade is HOT (as indicated on the label!) but was tempered and balanced by the mozzarella and blue cheese.

Hubby liked it so much, that he had me make an extra pie to take to work the next day ~

stay tuned for another creation with this marinade ...


  1. It's only 9:27 A.M., but your pizza looks outrageously delicious! That crust looks thick and chewy, just how I like it :)

  2. I have to tell you that I am green with envy over your brick pizza oven! How fun to be able to bake something YOU made IN something you made! Delicious!

  3. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin! That pizza looks amaaaazing! I would never have thought to put blue cheese with buffalo sauce. The next time we visit you have to promise to make me one in that amazing pizza oven of yours! :)

  4. Your buffalo chicken pizza looks better than any I've seen. It's late at night, I'm looking for a snack...and I would love to reach right into my monitor to grab a slice!

    I would LOVE to own an over like that. You're one lucky lady!

  5. I love the idea of mixing the blue cheese dressing in with the bbq marinade. Thanks for the tip.


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