11 A Summer Local Magazine Shoot

April, from Simply the Sweet Life magazine, contacted me saying that her family enjoyed the Bunny Backside rolls that I had posted and wondered if I could contribute my French Bread hamburger buns to the summer issue of the magazine.  Simply the Sweet Life is a free, online magazine that covers entertainment, food, crafts, and much, much more! 

I was thrilled and beyond excited!  I watched how she was able to pull all the colors together to form a lovely table setting ...  I never would have thought to use place mats in a vertical position!

Mini Chinese lanterns were hung from the trees, overlooking the finished table setting.  The children took turns lazily swinging in the hammock...

After everything was set up, it was time to grill the perfect hamburger.  White cheddar cheese was the perfect complement for this juicy burger!

My hamburger buns were surrounded by a variety of condiments, ready to top the burgers...

What do you think?  A refreshing summer meal ~ a guacamole burger, with strawberry salad and a perfect potato salad made with fresh garden herbs.  You can find all the recipes in the magazine.

The lanterns and candles provided the perfect amount of light to enjoy a Blackberry Coconut Cake for dessert.

Thanks to April and her staff for providing a wonderful meal and opportunity!

Head on over to Simply the Sweet Life, stroll through the pages for outdoor entertaining ideas, recipes, and more!


  1. Oh what fun you must have had. Thank you for letting us all share your incredible magazine shoot!

  2. Fun! Everything looks amazing! I have been catching up on your blog, and now I'm hungry! How are you? I miss you!

  3. I am trying not to drool on the keyboard. Wow! Yum. So excited for our BBQ featuring your famous hamburger buns!--Lauriann

  4. Wow - congratulations! Everything looks amazing.....please let us know when the shoot comes out!

  5. Ann ~ Thanks! In fact the magazine is out. Click on the first link (Simply the Sweet Life) and you will be directed to their free online magazine to enjoy!

  6. I started making my own hamburger buns not very long ago, but I'm totally hooked, now. The store-bought ones just don't compare! I've already checked out the magazine, but now I need to head back over to get your recipe!

  7. I'm lovin these hamburger buns.. Even me (who the bread fairy hates) can make these wonderful pillows of goodness! Thank you thank you...and my hungry cookout friends thank you

  8. Deborah, I agree ~ nothing compares to the homemade taste of your very own hamburger buns!

    Toby, you are SO welcome! Happy you are able to make these for the enjoyment of your friends. : )

  9. I haven't checked your blog in a long time (it' been a crazy summer!) You've been so busy - it all looks so great! Congratulations on being featured - you make it look so easy!

  10. Gorgeous! What an awesome opportunity and fun set up!

  11. Congratulations Frieda! That's amazing! How cool to be chosen. I can see why. Your food is beyond delicious and you know just how to present it with great photographs and yummy descriptions! Hooray for you!!


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