2 A Cake Too Cool to Cut Into...

My husband is a wonder with tools and wood.  He has carved wood for a fireplace mantel and finished our entire basement with a hammer, chop saw, and info from the library to complete electrical and plumbing.

Our neighbor Sharla makes these fabulous cakes and asks my husband occasionally to cut the base or parts for her cakes.  A piano cake, anyone?

For my hubby's birthday, she made this cake, a perfect tribute to his talents and efforts.  The detail is incredible, from the hammer to the edible saw blade and the graham cracker "saw dust."

It's one of those cakes that are too perfect, too pretty, to cut into and eat.

Here's hubby, taking a bite from the saw blade ...

... and here's one of my boys, having some fun with it.

All the tools were carefully removed ...

He even tested hammering one of the nails to see if it would go into the cake, and it did!

He thought about using a real SAW to cut the cake, but thought better of it. 

Inside was a dark chocolate cake filled with creamy frosting and toffee bits.

Thank you, Sharla, for your talented and yummy cake!


  1. Still think this is the cutest cake I have seen. What an awesome neighbor you have.


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