0 Kitchen Tip: How Many Strawberries for a Recipe?

When I was making my Strawberry Lemonade concentrate, the original recipe called for 6 cups of strawberries.

I stared at the four pound package of strawberries in Costco, trying to figure out how many 6 cups of strawberries were.  I was so lost....

How many strawberries will fit into a measuring cup?  Three?

After some research, how many cups of strawberries depend upon if they are being used whole, sliced, mashed or pureed.

Here's a handy dandy formula for you:

1 pound of strawberries = 3 3/4 cups whole
                                          3 cups sliced
                                          1 3/4 cup mashed
                                          2 cups pureed

So, for my four pound package of Costco strawberries, I got eight cups of puree!

Oh, you need the formula for lemons?  Click on this link HERE.

Enjoy your summer in a bottle!


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