0 Crescent Dinner Roll Shape Secret!

After making 21 dozen dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and making 32 dozen last night for a church Christmas party, a helpful tip came to my mind that makes these rolls even prettier!

Although there are many beautiful roll shapes to choose from, I like the crescent shape as it is quick, easy to roll, and looks elegant.

I can't remember where I saw this tip, Martha Stewart or on the King Arthur baking website, but it does make a difference!

After letting your dough rest (for easier rolling!), cut into 12 wedges and make a 1/4" notch at the base of each wedge...

 Stretch out the base of the wedge and begin rolling...

 As you are rolling, hold the base with one hand and gently stretch the middle of the dough with the other hand, making it slightly longer.  This will create more "swirls" on your crescent roll...

When you are done rolling, make sure the "point" is under the roll.  Curl the tips of the roll toward the center.

See the difference?

The top roll did not have the notch.  The bottom roll had the notch.

You will also notice the bottom roll has an extra layer ... swirl ... due to stretching during the rolling process. 

Pretty, huh?

Happy Baking!


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